Green Infrastructure: Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are an important type of water capture feature in landscaping that helps slow and absorb runoff from storms.

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Water-Wise Gardening With Rain Barrels – June 9 Workshop

Rain barrels are a low-cost way of conserving water to irrigate your garden and control stormwater runoff.

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How Does Plastic Pollution Harm Water?

Plastic - which takes decades or even hundreds of years to decompose - poses a threat to our water supplies and water quality in a variety of ways.

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Peddie School Builds Floating Wetlands at Meadow Lakes

Four small floating wetlands were installed recently at the Meadow Lakes retirement community in East Windsor with the help of about 20 Peddie School students involved in Earth Day activities.

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How Do Trees Benefit Us?

Trees offer so many benefits to us, including shade, habitat and beauty. Trees also absorb excess polluted stormwater.

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Earth Day Actions!

Earth Day is the time of year to pay homage to our planet and involves efforts including our recent stream cleanups to efforts to ban plastic bags in local communities.

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New Jersey Watershed Conference Advances Knowledge on Clean Water

The 2nd Annual New Jersey Watershed Conference brings stakeholders together on clean water issues.

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New Jersey Watershed Conference – Nov. 2, 2018

Join us on Nov. 2, 2018 for the New Jersey Watershed Conference. Improve your knowledge on issues related to water quality and quantity across the state

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2018 Butterfly House is Breathtaking

The 2018 season is in full swing at the Kate Gorrie Butterfly House. The full life cycle of our wonderful winged creatures is a sight to behold.

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How Does Rain Cause Pollution?

When it rains, water is absorbed into the ground and recharges the aquifer. New Jersey, as the most densely developed state in the nation, has more paved surfaces that inhibit this absorption.

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