Assembly Committee To Consider Stormwater Utilities Legislation

On Monday, October 22nd, the Assembly Telecommunication and Utilities Committee will be considering stormwater utilities authorizing legislation.

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New Tool to Combat Flooding and Water Pollution

By Mike Pisauro / Sep 28 / Safeguarding Our Communities / No Comments

Watershed conference explores new tool to combat flooding and water pollution at recent conference.

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New Jersey Watershed Conference – Nov. 2, 2018

By Kimber Ray / Sep 24 / Safeguarding Our Communities / 1 Comment

Join us on Nov. 2, 2018 for the New Jersey Watershed Conference. Improve your knowledge on issues related to water quality and quantity across the state

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Kwel’ Hoy Totem Pole Journey

See the Kwel Hoy' totem pole, carved by the House of Tears Carvers of the Lummi Nation, on the Watershed Reserve until September 15, 2018.

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Stormwater Utilities Conference – Sept. 26

The Watershed Institute and NJ Spotlight are bringing experts to discuss stormwater utilities with elected officials and others involved in stormwater management.

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Tell the NJ Senate to vote ‘YES’ on S1073

By Rob Nicolaides / Jun 20 / Safeguarding Our Communities / No Comments

Please urge your state Senator to vote for S1073, a bill scheduled for the Senate on Thursday, June 21 that will address the problem of water pollution and flooding.

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Polluted Stormwater: A Challenge for New Jersey

In NJ, stormwater pollution accounts for 60 percent of the pollution that enters our waters. 40 other states have created and operate “stormwater utilities” to address this problem.

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Is Flooding On The Rise?

Hard surfaces like asphalt, concrete, and rooftops mean there is less room for rainfall and snowmelt to soak into the ground.

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Fight the Proposed Northeast Supply Enhancement Project By June 22

By Pam Podger / Jun 12 / Safeguarding Our Communities / No Comments

In addition to helping us battle the proposed PennEast Pipeline, we urge you to weigh in against a pipeline proposed for Franklin Township. Comment deadline is June 22.

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Stormwater Utilities Would Benefit NJ

Stormwater utilities, a tool for managing flooding and water pollution, are gaining prominence in NJ as a better way to capture rain and fix old stormwater systems while benefiting homeowners and ...

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